Immediately After Arrest: Five Steps to Make the Best of Your DUI Case

Being arrested for DUI can be quite serious. It can result in a prison sentence or affect your ability to drive to your job. However, there are many things you can do to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. This quick checklist can get you started.

1.  Write a Narrative of the Events Concerning Your Arrest.

It’s a fact of life: memories fade. When it comes to defending a DUI case, those memories hold crucial details that could help your case. To ensure that you have an accurate record, write down the events of your day from the time you got up until you bonded out of jail.  Include the activities of your day, what and when you ate and drank, what the officer said, what you said, how you performed on field tests, names of witnesses, etc.  Be as detailed as possible.  Provide this to the DUI trial attorneys you meet with.

2.  Consult with DUI Trial Lawyers.

Choose attorneys to consult with who handle DUI trials in the area of the state where you were arrested. If you were arrested in Atlanta, hire Atlanta-based attorneys. Be honest with them about your case, your personal situation, and your major concerns.  Ask the attorneys questions about their experience with DUI trials and the court in which your case may be tried. Also, be sure to discuss the possible penalties and the range of options.

3.  Be aware of the 10-day time limit!

In Georgia, your license may be suspended for 12 months if you do not file a demand for a hearing within ten business days of your arrest.  The best way to handle the 10-day letter and avoid an automatic administrative license suspension is to have an attorney do it for you.

4.  Determine your personal goals for the case.

No one wants a conviction for any offense.  Likewise no one wants to pay fines, go to jail, lose their drivers license, or be on probation.  But, the facts of each case and each individual’s life are different.  Based on your consultations with the attorneys about the particular facts of your case AND your personal life situation, determine what outcomes you would like to strive for. Your goals may not be the same as someone else’s.

For example, some people may live and work in a city and may be able to risk not driving for a period of time because they have public transportation options.  On the other hand, someone living in a suburban or rural area may not be able to afford any disruption to their ability to drive.  Some may need to delay the case until they get off of a previous probation or until they turn 21 years of age, while others may need the case concluded quickly due to plans to move out of state or attend school.

Furthermore, some people want the case over as quickly and painlessly as possible, even if that involves a guilty plea, while others are willing to fight the case for as long as it takes.

Determining your goals before you hire an attorney is a critical and often overlooked step to ensure that you and your attorney are in agreement about your case.  Some attorneys may not be willing to go after the goals you desire.

5.  Choose and hire the right TRIAL attorney for you.

Choosing the right lawyer for your unique goals is vital to your case. A trial attorney offers the best of both worlds – aggressive defense and the legal skills needed to achieve your goals. Giannini and Yates are Atlanta’s Trial Attorneys. We are experienced in DUI cases and can guide you through the process to achieve the best outcome for your unique case. Click here to get started or call us at 770.237.3800.